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Frequently asked questions

Question 1.
How and where will my property be marketed?

Question 2.
Having recently received a survey report through your offices, can you suggest a reputable local contractor to complete the necessary works?

Question 3.
The rates on my property appear excessive, and we are considering making an appeal to the Valuation Office. How should we proceed?

Question 4.
I am considering taking a new lease, as I am coming to the end of my commercial lease and the property is in need of repair. The landlord is expecting me to complete the repairs. How should I proceed?

Question 5.
The lease on my flat has only 70 years left to run and I have been told that it will soon become unmortgageable. Is this true?

Question 6.
Both myself and other leaseholders are dissatisfied with our freeholder's choice of Managing Agent on our block of flats. What options are available?

Answer 1.
All instructions are regularly advertised in the local Eastbourne/London press. Additional advertising in other areas, including the National press and specialist property magazines are frequently organised at cost on behalf of clients and have proved very successful. Full particulars are produced, which are circulated to all interested applicants on our existing mailing list using both email and/or regular post. All properties automatically appear on our website and additional marketing, using the wealth of information technology, is also arranged if required. Back-to-top

Answer 2.
Prior to suggesting a proposed contractor we would highly recommend, in respect of any major works, that a detailed Specification is prepared in order that tenders can be obtained on a like-for-like basis from independent contractors. The client is then available to choose their preferred contractor based on price, timescale and nature of the contract, in the full knowledge that the works can be overseen by our surveyors, and stage payments made based on the works completed to that date. Back-to-top

Answer 3.
We would recommend that our valuer gives an initial appraisal based on the information you can supply. Although the Valuation Office’s records are now more up to date than at any previous time, due to current technology, we have advised clients on errors that have been brought forward from previous valuations and successfully argued a reduction on the current Rateable Value and the recovery of previous overpayments. Back-to-top

Answer 4.
We would highly recommend our surveyor attends the site to prepare a Schedule of Condition (or Dilapidations at the expiry of a lease) to avoid any disputes at a later date. Back-to-top

Answer 5.
Flats with less than 65 years remaining are frequently considered unmortgageable by financial institutions. Subject to certain criteria lessees are entitled to a 99 year extension in addition to the existing term. Business Property XL can provide a valuation in respect of the cost of extension and liaise with your solicitor, and your freeholder, in order that your solicitor may serve appropriate Notice. Back-to-top

Answer 6.
In accordance with current legislation, you have, subject to certain criteria, the right to buy your freehold and/or exercise your Right to Manage. We do, however, recommend that you always employ the services of a professional qualified Managing Agent. Business Property XL Property Management provides this service for numerous large blocks in the local area and ensures compliance with current legislation and RICS codes of conduct. Be aware that failure to comply with the ever burgeoning legislation in this area of property management can result in being unable to recover all service charges and/or ground rent. Back-to-top

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