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  • Do I need planning permission to extend my home?

    This will depend on your property. For example:

    • Is the property a Listed Building
    • Or within a Conservation Area, AONB or World Heritage site?
    • Is the property residential or commercial?
    • A house or a flat?
    • Has it been previously extended?


    This link will take you the interactive page on The Planning Portal. This allows you test out what can be achieved under Permitted Development and what requires Planning Permission based on the type of property and development.

    It is worth noting that many of the development right under the GPD are constrained by property type and location.

    For example, the Local Planning Authority can restrict the scope of permitted development rights either in relation to a particular area or site, or a particular type of development anywhere in the authority’s area. Where an article 4 direction is in effect, a planning application may be required for development that would otherwise have been permitted development.
    Article 4 directions are used to control works that could threaten the character of an area of acknowledged importance, such as conservation areas and protected and non- protected heritage assets and their settings.

    They are not necessary for works to listed buildings and scheduled monuments as listed building consent and scheduled monument consent would cover all potentially harmful works that would otherwise be permitted development under the planning regime.
    However, article 4 directions might assist in the protection of all other heritage assets (particularly conservation areas) and help the protection of the setting of all heritage assets, including listed buildings.

    Article 4 directions may be used to require planning permission for the demolition of a non-designated heritage asset (such as a locally listed building outside of a conservation area), by removing the demolition rights under part 11 of the GDPO.

    It is therefore always worth consulting with an expert.
    If you have questions about how you would like to develop your home we would be happy to help.